Technical Services Department

Mailing Address: #102 – 506 Broadway Street W. Yorkton, SK S3N 0P3

Located: 63 King Street E. Yorkton, SK

Phone: 306-782-3875 Fax: (306) 782-6264 

AANDC Renovations & Housing Updates:

  • Bring unit up to the current building code standard established by AANDC
  • Identify maintenance deficiencies that may affect the future of the unit and determine a cost estimate to repair the unit. (Using required inspection forms.)

AANDC Fire Reports:

  • Inspect and investigate home and surroundings following a fire to determine the cause of the fire damages, whereabouts of the fire truck, etc.
  • Relate any prior protection actions to help First Nations prevent any future loss of life/damage.

 Fire Safety Inspections:

  • Visit First Nations homes to determine if fire regulations are being followed (e.g. installation of smoke detectors, proper chimneys, etc.) according to AANDC requirements in order to reduce risk of fire.
  • Ensure that police are contacted if a death has occurred or arson is suspected.

Capital Asset Inventory System Quantity Based (CAIS):

  • Provide a current inventory of all First Nation assets to update the CAIS record to justify the level of funding and to help prioritize projects.

Asset Condition Recording System Quality Based (ACRS):

  • Carry out inspections of all assets maintained by the First Nation that are listed on the CAIS in accordance with AANDC user instructions.
  • Update ACRS based on information received from the inspection.
  • Prepare ACRS report including input into ACRS database (DBACRS)
  • Consult with Engineer/Consultant to approve and/or complete reports.

Capital Management Database (CMDB):

  • Update the CMDB information (e.g. Housing information such as sewer and water changes, renovations, etc.)
  • Update Housing Maps (e.g. enter locations of new homes/deleting old units and providing First Nations with new updated tenant lists and maps annually.
  • Provide other surveying and mapping services required by the First Nation.
  • Input data into AANDC Website.

CMHC New Construction:

  • Plan examination/reviews – Examine plans and specification to determine that the finished product will reasonably conform to the prescribed standards of construction and the National Building Code Regulations.
  • Undertake all required inspections, including: Site inspections, Pre-backfill inspections, Vapour Barrier Inspections, Final Inspections, and any other inspections deemed necessary.

CMHC Physical Condition Reviews:

  • Identify maintenance deficiencies that may affect the future of the unit and determine a cost estimate to repair the unit (using required inspection forms).
  • Discuss findings with the Housing Coordinator.
  • Input the data onto the CMHC Physical Condition Review Database.

CMHC RRAP Program:

The Technical Services Department performs the following duties:

  • Work Specification – gives a detailed description of the deficiencies to be repaired and any relevant codes according to the National Building Code 1995
  • Assistance in Completing Application Forms.
  • Progress Inspections and Final Inspections.

Emergency Management

  • Assist in assessing and developing each First Nation members’ All Hazard Plans
  • Development of comprehensive strategy for each First Nations’ needs
  • Assist in meeting the needs of the First Nation members’ resources and requirements for emergency preparedness
  • Building relationships by working with First Nations to ensure Mutual Aid agreements with surrounding communities are in place if required. 
  • Assist with training opportunities related to emergency response.
  • Ensure all member First Nations can implement their Emergency Response Plans/Pandemic Plans as required.
  • Provide training to First Nations and YTC employees on emergency response issues
  • Assist with Health Fairs, health promotion activities, school activities, school initiatives to ensure emergency response plans are taught and relevant
  • Work with other Independent nations and Tribal Councils to develop working relationships to assist during special circumstances and emergencies
  • Ensure YTC has an effective OH&S program to make employees aware of hazards and make appropriate resources available 

Yorkton Tribal Council Technical Services Department Staff

  • Director/Database Technician – Corrine Cote
  • Compliance Inspector – Michael Leonard
  • Emergency Management Assistance Program (EMAP) Coordinator – Bonnie Austman
  • Climate Change Coordinator – Donovan Crowe-Buffalo
  • Administrative Assistant – Misty Sparvier